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See What Emily Has to Say: Hello Giggles Approved Gift Guide

It’s always nice to have a close friend’s input or two cents before making a purchase, and there’s no greater friend than Hello Giggle’s Deputy Editor, Emily Popp. A Boston Native who loves anything cute and pink, Emily helps run the Hello Giggles “WANT/NEED” column and shows readers the hottest clothes, accessories, home decor, food and more!

Apollo Box is honored to have our products regularly featured in Emily’s column. If you have a hard time deciding whether you should go ahead and buy any of our unique gifts, then don’t fret! Just read on and see what Emily has to say.

See What Emily Has to Say About These 5 Fab Gifts

see what Emily has to say

Fab Gift #1: Pastel Skull Candle

HelloGiggles Gift Guide

Our Pastel Skull Candle grabs the attention of every skull, pastel lover. This handmade, 100% soy wax candle strikes the perfect “sweet girl gone bad” vibes. It’ll match any home style, and everyone who sees it will ask you where you got it. Let’s see what Emily has to say:

“Just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean I can’t decorate in my favorite color scheme: pastel pink. I love this ghastly (but also v. cute) wax candle skull, which makes the perfect festive desk accessory this October (or year-round!). It’s macabre but adorable all at the same time. ” – Emily Popp

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Fab Gift #2: Chloe Cat Mug

This Chloe Cat Mug is the purrrfect cup for your stylish, cat lovin friend.  Dipped in a metallic finish, this oh-so-chic cat mug is a slinky standout in any feline collection! Let’s see what Emily has to say:

“What would make my cup of rose tea even sweeter? This adorable cat mug, naturally. Kitty bonus: It comes in three color options: black, white or pink. I’m a sucker for puns, so clearly I love the fact that the bottom of the mug reads “feline good.” Now cat’s a cute pun! I need this mug right meow.” – Emily Popp

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Fab Gift #3: Pineapple Shot Glass (Set of 2)

What do you get when you mix Rose Gold + Pineapples? This adorable pair of pineapple shot glasses! This shot glass set is the perfect BFF GiftStocking Stuffer or White Elephant Gift. Let’s see what Emily has to say:

“Fun fact: I have an array of “decorative pineapples” in my apartment. I have a pineapple table, doormat and throw pillow. This pair of pineapple shot glasses are so cute it hurts! They look like tiny little pineapples — but the top comes off and doubles as a stand for the bottom half, which is an adorable shot glass. How ingenious is that? This is my new-go to gift for everyone in my life. Spoiler alert, everyone I know. You’re gettin’ these! They’re too dang good.” – Emily Popp

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Fab Gift #4: Ceramic Animal Soup Bowl Set

You’re eyes aren’t fooling you. Yes, there is an adorable critter who wants to join you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you find forest animals endearing, then you need to add this enchanting Ceramic Animal Soup Bowl Set to your dish collection. You’ll feel like Snow White as you eat your oatmeal, pastas and soups out of this oh-so cute dish set. Let’s see what Emily has to say:

“Okay, I double dare you to find a bowl cuter than this critter ceramic soup bowl! It comes in three different forest friends: fox, raccoon and squirrel. And each one comes with a lid and matching utensil with a “tail” for a handle. I mean, c’mon. Does it get any more dang adorable than that?? ” – Emily Popp

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Fab Gift #5: Ceramic Cat Tableware

Who knew that dishes could be so fun? As you can tell Emily has a thing for cute animal themed dishes. This Ceramic Cat Tableware set features different sized Cat bowls. You won’t be able to stop smiling as you eat out of these friendly bowls. Let’s see what Emily has to say:


“If there’s one thing we love here at HG headquarters, it’s cats. Cats, kittens, posters of cats, anything cat-themed or cat-shaped, and that includes these darling ceramic bowls. Something tells me my fruit salad will taste so much sweeter when enjoyed out of these blue and red cat bowls.” – Emily Popp

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