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6 Cute & Spooky Halloween Decorations Under $18

Halloween Decorations

The spookiest time of the year is here and there is so much to do! Get into the spirit of things and transform your home or workplace into a haunted house with spooky Halloween decorations and accessories.

If you love Halloween but don’t have that big of a budget to spend on Halloween decorations then this is the list for you! Find one-of-a-kind, cute and creepy Halloween decorations that are all under $18!

Read on to see what Halloween decorations can help you celebrate your favorite holiday in style!

Halloween Decoration #1: Creepy Eye Ball Candle

Halloween Accessories

These eyeball candles will give the heebie jeebies to any person.   Each candle is hand poured and individually painted for an original look. Made from food grade paraffin wax, these candles burn for about 14 hours and come in blue, brown or green. The more these candles melt, the creepier they look. Strategically place them in your house and have them peeping on future trick or treaters to give guests a good spook!


Halloween Decoration #2: Halloween LED Bottle Lights

Halloween Decorations

Welcome Trick or Treaters at the door with the soft flow of these Halloween LED Bottle Lights.  These Halloween themed bottles are unique, fun and would look great with your fall decor.  Throw a small Halloween dinner party and place these bottles on the dinner table to set a spooky but warm atmosphere.


Halloween Decoration #3: Halloween Retro Lamp

Halloween Decorations

Nothing is spookier than old Halloween decorations. Light the way for Trick or Treaters with this fun retro Halloween lamp. Choose a glowing witch, skull or pumpkin lamp, or collect all three!


Halloween Decoration #4: Jaws Shark Soap

Halloween Decorations

Creep guests out at your Halloween party with this realistic, bloody Jaws Shark Soap. These hungry shark soaps will take a big bite out of grime, and each soap is hand painted for an authentic look. Put one in your bathroom to worry your friends or buy one for your favorite Jaws movie fan.


Halloween Decoration #5: Campy Skull Candle

Halloween Decorations

Deck your home out with skull accessories and decorations this Halloween.  This Campy Skull Candle is the perfect mix of scary and sophistication. Dressed to the nines in top hat and ruffled collar, this campy sculpted candle lights the way to an evening of fun.


Halloween Decoration #6: Bone Chillers Ice Tray

Halloween Decorations

Why settle for basic ice cubes when you can have crossbones and skull cubes! Friends and guests will post a photo of these unique skull cubes on their feed in a heartbeat.

If you want to host a standout Halloween Party, use this tray to make Jell-O Skulls and serve them as a spooky desert! Just pick your favorite Jell-O flavor and follow these instructions!

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Halloween Decorations

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