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5 Easy Halloween Costumes Under $40

halloween costume

The countdown to Halloween is on and you have approximately 21 days to think up and put together a killer Halloween costume.  Halloween is a fun and indecisive time of the year because you have one chance to dress up as your favorite character.

Different factors come into play when thinking up your costume and those factors are: cost, time, and theme.  Be a fun character for Halloween this year and spend only $40 and no time.  Read on and see 5 easy Halloween costumes that won’t break your bank.


Halloween Costume #1: Viking Warrior Princess, $24.98

Halloween Costume

Off to raid some ships? Release your inner Viking Warrior Princess this Halloween and wear this Viking beanie with braids. It’s a fun and easy costume idea. Pair it with brown boots, black leggings and a white-t.  Wear this hat to sporting events, especially if you’re a Minnesota Viking fans and make this costume an all year investment.


Halloween Costume #2: Jawz Victim, $37.87

Halloween Costume

Shark attack! This novelty knit hat is soft, warm and comfortable. Wear it to a Halloween party or out Trick-or-treating in the neighborhood.  Carry around a mini surfboard or wear a Hawaiian shirt.  Make sure to hum the classic theme song whenever you take a handful of candy.


Halloween Costume #3: Unicorn, $29.98

Halloween Costume

This Halloween transform yourself into an adorable and magical unicorn. Made of ultra-soft polar fleece, each loose fitting onesie has front slash pockets for keys, a cell phone and pieces of candy. Stay at home pass out candy to trick-or-treaters, or wear this cute cuddly costume to a Halloween party and be the star of the night.


Halloween Costume #4: Snow Cat, $25.95

Halloween Costume

Stand out from the pack of black cats with these one-of-a-kind animal ears. Dress up as an exotic cat or dog this Halloween and be snow cat ears, red cheetah, or arctic wolf.  These ears are the perfect addition to your Cats Halloween costume and they’re a great cosplay accessory.


Halloween #5: Young Tom Riddle, $10.05

Halloween Costume

This is the perfect costume if you’re a Slytherin at heart and like to play the bad guy. Channel the Dark Lord as you wave around this 8″” Tom Riddle wand from the Harry Potter. The wand includes a miniture snake in tribute to Nagini, and a book of photographic stickers highlighting the Dark Lord’s most memorable battles.

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Halloween Costume

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