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5 Game Day Essentials for Football Season

Game Day Essentials

Football season is here and people couldn’t be happier.  There’s nothing more satisfying than watching your favorite team strategize and play, while being surrounded by your friends, family and favorite game day essentials.

The basic ingredients that make a perfect game day are: a widescreen TV, beer, hamburgers, snacks, a comfy chair and no interruptions.  Yet Football season only comes once a year and this is your time to pull out your favorite jerseys, cups, tailgate gadgets and team themed memorabilia.

Elevate your average game day experience with one of these game day essentials! Any one of these football game day essentials will put you or your friend in the football spirit.


Game Day Essentials 1: Boot Shaped Beer Mug

game day essentials

Give the opposing team the boot while drinking out of this Boot Shaped Beer Mug! This 2 liter glass beer boot is a fun way to drink your favorite brew as you recline in your chair and watch your team pull off an unforgettable blitz.

This boot beer mug is a great gift for Cowboy, Patriot or Buccaneers fans.


Game Day Essentials 2: Hopsulator Trio

game day essentials

Keep your beer ice-cold throughout the entire game with this Hopsulator Trio! It has three layers of insulation and will keep any beverage cold or hot!

The Hopsulator fits any size beer can thanks to its 3-in-1 design. This essential is great for at home viewings, outdoor game day parties or tailgating.


Game Day Essentials 3: Horn Glass with Stand

game day essentials

This Horn Glass belongs in the hands of any game day host. You’ll feel unstoppable with it in your hand, and your beer will taste like it was brewed by real men.  

It’s the best gift for any Minnesota Viking Fan and will bring out the man or woman roar when your team makes a touchdown.  This horn would also make an epic Fantasy Football prize/trophy.


Game Day Essentials 4: Football Bowl

game day essentials

This Football bowl is a major game day essential. Serve your favorite Chex Mix or chips out of this bowl and score major points with sports fans and game pals.

Even people who don’t like football will get a kick out of this bowl.  It’s just too perfect, and all football fans will love it.

Game Day Essentials 5: NFL Plastic Snack Helmet

Game Day Essentials

This game day essential is the ultimate snack platter and will show you which of your friends are die hard fans. If they reach into your bowl to grab a handful of snacks, they might not be as loyal to their teams.

The double decker design lets you have the best of both worlds, so pile your favorite chips, dips and snack mixes in this official NFL snack helmet.

Make sure to order these game day essentials before playoffs, or get one of these essentials as a Holiday gift for the football friend in your circle!  

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