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Spectacular Creative Products Under $100

We’ve decided to bring you a quick guide to some of the nicest gifts and creative products that can be bought for under $100. Celebrate smart design and bring something beautiful home with one of our spectacular creative products under $100.

Bluetooth Speakers

Our mid-range Bluetooth speakers are sleek and classic solutions to enhance your audio experience. Easily synced with your phone, these speakers are great for your home or on the go. With great looks and powerful audio, they’re definitely worth checking out.

creative products

Star Destroyer

creative products

Vintage Wooden Bluetooth Speaker

creative products

Mao King Wooden Bluetooth Speaker


For those with a green thumb, many of our in-home garden products can be purchased for under $100 These large terrariums and planter boxes are perfect for bringing some greenery into your home and adding a sense of serenity and life to your decor.  You can read more about them in our Terrarium guide or browse the entire category.

creative products

Water Garden 2.0

creative products

Smart Herb Garden

3D Models

Not for the impatient, these highly detailed 3D models come with pre-cut details that must be assembled by the user. Once everything is put together, these models feature fully functioning gears and motion that will awe and amaze everyone who gazes upon them. They’re truly remarkable gifts that are a must-have for hobbyists and tinkerers alike.

creative products

3D Model UGM 11 Truck

creative products

Steam Locomotive With Tender Model

creative products

Mechanical Safe Puzzle

Full-Sized Night Lights

Our best night lights compete directly with your bedside lamp, and we think they’ll win every time. Our full-sized night lights are beautiful, radiant, and different. You won’t see any boring lamp shades here – everything has a creative, eye-catching design that will look great on your bedside or anywhere in your home.

creative products

Junior Unicorn Lamp

creative products

LED Lantern With Santa Snow Globe

creative products

Woody 3D Night Light







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