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Quick Costume Ideas for Halloween

Picking a Halloween costume is difficult. This year, the most popular costumes will once again be superheroes, followed by things like Star Wars and common staples such as pirates, witches, mermaids, and zombies. While all of these costumes are great options, we think it’s more fun to go with something a little bit more original and eccentric. We’ve got a variety of quick costume ideas that range from simple and unassuming to crazy and eye-catching. Best of all, none of them are Halloween exclusives – you can wear them all year long!

Be a Unicorn!

With our unicorn slippers, hoodie, onesie, or pajamas, you can be a cute fuzzy unicorn. Our unicorn clothing is soft and comfortable and will keep you relaxed and warm on Halloween, or any night of the year. Great for staying warm and lounging around the house on a cold winter day!

quick costume ideas

Unicorn Pajamas

quick costume ideas

Unicorn Slippers

quick costume ideas

Magicorn Hood

Wear a Graphic T-Shirt

Ever go to a party on Halloween and you’re the only one who really dressed up? With these t-shirts, you can get “dressed up” but still blend in with your uncostumed friends. These graphic T-shirts are perfect for people looking for a quick and easy Halloween “costume” without having to dress up like something else. Whether you’re trying to avoid wearing a bulky costume or you just don’t want to, these graphic tees are a great alternative.

quick costume ideas

I’m Fine T-shirt

quick costume ideas

Grab Me T-shirt

quick costume ideas

Metal Heaven T-Shirt








If you’re got your Halloween costume mostly figured out, or if you just want to have some Halloween-themed gear, we’ve got lots of stylish jewelry and small accessories for you to chose from.

quick costume ideas

Skeleton Hand Hair Clips

quick costume ideas

Dragon Wand

quick costume ideas

iPhone Anti Case Protection







Read our other Halloween guides for Nightmare Before Christmas gear, lighting, and decoration ideas. Browse our entire Halloween collection for more great products!

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