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Everyday Gifts Fit for All-Occasions

It’s never too early to get some shopping done. With great deals all year round, the best way to beat the holiday crowds is to prepare some early-bird gifts well in advance. These gifts are great for people who want to get something for an extended family member or friend and not have to worry about finding something for them later. They’re also great all-occasion gifts that can save you time when you’re not sure what to get.

A Little Bit Geeky: Divoom Aurabox

The Divoom Aurabox is an extremely useful device that acts as a personal assistant and Bluetooth speaker in one compact box. It works as an alarm clock, microphone, and displays time and temperature. It’s great for anyone who’s a little bit geeky, and could use something that’s decorative and highly functional.

More Useful Than You’d Expect: Uni Ambient Light

One of my all-time personal favorites, the Uni Ambient Light is more than just a cute toy-like figure. It’s an extremely useful small battery-powered light that’s great for trips to the washroom at night. Especially great as a gift for kids or anyone who’s a bit timid in the dark, the soft glow is very gentle on the eyes. Definitely a must-have! It’s also available as a dragon or a narwhal.

early-bird holiday gifts

Something Beautiful: Marimo Aquarium Kit (Metal Stand)

This particular Marimo Aquarium Kit stands out because of the beautiful and stylish metal stand. It’s easy to keep the small Marimo balls green and happy just by changing the water and keeping them cool at night.  Its small size means that your friends or family members should easily be able to find a place to put it during the day.

early-bird holiday gifts

The Everyman’s Gift: Goat Horn Coffee Cup

The Goat Horn Coffee Cup is the quintessential everyman’s gift. Useful for everyone any time of year, the Goat Horn Coffee Cup is especially good for people on the move because it can be worn over the shoulder, and the sleeve converts into a cup holder.

early-bird holiday gifts

Quick and Healthy: Self Blending Juicer

The Self-Blending Juicer is a great way to enjoy juices and light smoothies when on the go. Simply add liquid, turn it on, and shake it up a little, and the juicer will stir up something tasty in less than a minute. A nice gift for anyone who enjoys blending smoothies or juice but doesn’t want to go through the hassle of using a large blender.

early-bird holiday gifts

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